How to write a winning graduate school essay

graduate school essay

The first step to writing a winning graduate school essay is knowing what the admission officers are searching. It is very wrong to make assumptions concerning what the requirement of the essay. Some of the admission officers will tell you exactly what they are looking for. Some will simply instruct you to give them a personal statement. In either case, take your time to go through the prompt and plan yourself well before you beginning writing. Remember that the aim always is to write a winning graduate school essay. It is important to know that because the admission team receives many essays, they tend to skim through the long ones. It is, therefore, good to write short essays. You should only write about critical points. Do not write stories. If you cannot write a winning graduate school essay, you can use paper writing service to customize one for you.

Being focused when using paper writing service

When using the paper writing service, it is important to inform them to begin the graduate school essay with an anecdote that happened either in high school or during childhood. An anecdote should, however, be used carefully. This is because graduate programs are always meant for professionals and using anecdotes should be avoided unless it is mandatory. Even if it is vital to the success of the graduate school essay, use it at the beginning of the last paragraph. Childhood experiences are necessary for undergraduate essays.

Knowing the program when writing graduate school essay

Being accepted into a graduate school means that you were the best match for the program and not because you were the most qualified for the program. This is vital information to give to your writer if you decide to use paper writing services. The admission team in most cases might decide to take the applicant who meets the minimum requirements and is informed than those who have high scores as well as better GPA and are not informed about the program being offered.

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Tips for thesis writing

thesis writingAfter staying in a learning institution for quite many years, it is always expected of the learners to turn the several years of research into a single coherent document. This, however, proves to be a very daunting task for students worldwide. This piece of writing, therefore, aims at describing some of the tips that should be followed to be successful in the process of writing the thesis.

Meeting requirements in thesis writing

Each and every institution has its own rules or rather house style that should be followed when writing the thesis or dissertation. Failing to adhere to the rules of your school will lead to failure. For example, if you are instructed to use font size twelve and Times New Roman as the font type, then it should be that. There should never be variations. The same font size and type should be used throughout the paper. If you decide to seek thesis help, it is important to instruct the writer to stick to the laid down guidelines.

The introduction in thesis writing

It is always recommended to write the introduction of the essay last. Writing it last, helps in tying up the introduction and the conclusion of the thesis. Some scholars argue that it helps in tying the thesis together.

Knowing the end in thesis help

When you decide to seek the help of professional thesis writers, it is important to have a clue of the end of the thesis. Sometimes after receiving your thesis, you take it to the supervisor, and they might not tell you how much more you need to write. They might use the phrases like “you are almost there.” It is important to ask them to tell you how much more you should write. Even when coming up with the topic and before you begin, it is also vital that you know when the thesis will end.

Having a style in thesis writing

When writing the thesis, it is encouraged to develop your style of writing. Do not copy styles that had been used by other writers. You can read and then absorb some of the lovely styles that they are using. As you get hints and information from their styles, come up with your style. The underlying factor here is that in thesis writing, the work should always be original. It should not be copied from anywhere.

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What are writing services?

essay writing onlineI bet is not the first term you are seeing or hearing the word writing services. And have you ever taken your time to ponder about what the term means? If your answer is no, then don’t worry I am here to make you understand.

Essay writing online

The first thing you should know is that there are different kinds of writing services available online. Essay writing online is one of them. Another example of writing services is copywriting that focused on writing copies of articles. This is sometimes referred to as search engine optimization. This is because the copywriters produce content that is used to promote websites. I, however, would like to major on one type of writing known as essay writing online.

The companies that engage in this kind of writing produce assignments on behalf of the students. The students for one reason or the other might not be in a position to write their essays and research papers. It is because of this that they resort to using the services of these companies. These companies have writers who can custom an assignment based on the instructions that have been presented to them. It is again because of this reason that they are referred to as custom writers. They offer essay help to many people.

Writing services as bridges to learning

Another important fact that you should know is that writing services offer academic help. The papers done by the writers found in these websites are not supposed to be submitted the way they are. These are always written to help the students in writing the copies that they will submit for grading. What they offer is something that acts as a bridge to get on the other side of the road. There are moments when the students don’t understand the concept in class. They, however, must be assessed. The online essay writing companies, therefore, help them by writing sample essays that are then used by the students to guide them in writing theirs. Submitting the assignments directly to the teacher for grading results to academic dishonesty and this is something that custom writing companies discourage.

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How to write a term paper

term paper writing service

Writing a term paper is the most daunting exercise that a student might face in his or her stay in college. It is, therefore, important for one to understand the process of writing an excellent term paper. The following are some of the steps involved when writing a term paper.

Writing a term paper draft more than once

The key to excelling in whatever activity that one does is doing it repeatedly. It is said that practice makes perfect. It is, therefore, good to write the draft more than once. The more you write, the more you will feel the need to do drafts. The drafts help in making one understand the requirements of the term paper. When the assignment has a longer deadline, it is good to write the draft and then wait for one day before rereading and making changes. Waiting for one day before reading the draft makes it easy for one to identify the mistakes that would not have been seen if it was written and read on the same day. The third and any other subsequent drafts should also be thoroughly checked for any grammatical and structural mistakes before proceeding to write the final copy.

Seek help from term paper writing service

There are situations where one cannot write their assignments. In these situations, help is always readily available. There are numerous paper writing services around that are waiting to help you write the assignment. When you decide to seek the help of a paper writing service, ensure that you have ample time to go through it before you hand it over to your course instructor for grading. Many term paper writing services are made up highly trained writers, but even these writers are bound to make mistakes. It is, therefore, important that one checks the work for grammatical as well as structural mistakes. Once you get your assignment from them, you can as well give a friend to reread the paper and pinpoint the mistakes. Through this, you will be sure that you will be submitting a high-quality piece of writing without any flaws.

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writing college essays

College essay format

Essays, research papers, and term papers have different formats. It is, therefore, important for one to understand the differences. This will help the writer in taking the shortest time possible to write exemplary essays. The following are the elements considered when writing a college essay. It should be remembered that the below formats apply when writing a college essay based on the recommendations from the Modern Language Association (MLA).

Font used in college essay format

college essay helpThe college essay should always be processed in a word document. The fonts used should be Aerial or Times New Roman font size 12. Using any other type of font is discouraged. You should only use any font apart from the above mentioned if your course instructor states that you should use a different. If the course instructor gives instruction and does not state the font to use, please use Times New Roman or Aerial.

Spacing when writing college essays

The entire essay should be double spaced. Do not use single or any other spacing anywhere in the essay. There should also be no spaces between paragraphs. Some citation styles require spacing between paragraphs. However, when writing college essays, there shouldn’t be spaces.


It is required that in the upper left corner of the first page of the essay, the student should write his or her name, the instructors’ name, the name of the class, and the date. Even when one seeks college essay help, the format of the college essay should remain the same.

Margins and Page numbers when writing college essays

The margins for the entire essay should be one inch on the top, bottom, left and right. The margins should be all round the paper. The students’ last name and the page number on the upper right corner of the essay. This information should always be written as a header and not essay content.

Title and Indentation

When seeking college essay help, it is important to remind the writer to include a title for the essay. The title should be centered. It should also be the same font as the rest of the essay. It should be bolded, italicized and not underlined. The first line of the paragraph should be indented.

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research paper writing service

Why students seek the help of a research paper writing service

Why students seek the help of a research paper writing service

Sometimes students face situations that might prevent them from tackling their assignments. As a result, they are forced to seek help from a research paper writing services. There are certain unique features of a research paper service that make the students opt to use their services. Some of them are discussed below.

Research papers are not like essays that are short, and the student can always find time to write. Research papers are always complex and need quite a longer time to finish. The research paper writing service has proved essential because they are made of seasoned writers who have all the time to work on the assignments. Furthermore, the highly qualified writers who are employed by the research paper writing services have tackled numerous research papers; hence the knowledge makes them produce quality work within the shortest time possible.

Another important element that might make a student opt to seek the services of a research paper service is that it is always difficult to ask classmates for help because they are also busy with their assignments. They cannot, therefore, help much. The student is therefore left with the option of looking for the help of professional essay writers.

In some cases, the course instructors do not give enough information regarding how a particular research paper should be handled. They tend to assume that the student is well conversant with the rules of research paper writing. This assumption might not be correct in most instances. Some of the course instructors do not even bother to shed more light on the approach that should be used when writing the research papers. It, therefore, leaves the student with no choice but to seek the help of research paper writing service. The aim is always to excel in the course.

The last reason why the students after facing the problems as mentioned above sought the help of the professionals is that the reliability of the writers. Many sites offering help with the research papers have been in the industry for quite a long time now, and the students feel that they can trust them with their assignments.

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Assignment fail reasons

Students fail their assignment or elements of their coursework for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons for failure are not attending classes, personal issues that distract students, not keeping up with the course readings and confusion or lack of understanding of the contents of the coursework.

Failing to attend classes can make students miss some of the most fundamental concepts of the course or subject. Normally, lack of understanding of the concepts taught during the student’s absentee reflects on the student’s results. The student will likely to fail tests due to missing lectures.

assignmentPersonal issues are also known to divert the students’ attention and concentration. A student who is disturbed by personal issues like family instability is also likely to lack time to concentrate on the academic work. It is for this reason that parents are encouraged to provide children with an ample atmosphere that cultivates learning at home. For instance, a student who comes from a family dominated by domestic violence will show some lack of concentration in an assignment.

Many students also fail their assignment because they fail to keep up with their course readings. The course readings always supplement or build upon the content taught in class. Therefore, failure to keep up with the course readings is a recipe to fail in the assignment. Some concepts are also explained in the course reading better than how they are lectured in classrooms. Therefore, for success in an assignment, a student needs to take serious all the course materials that are offered.  

A student may also fail in an assignment because of confusion or lack of understanding of the course contents. A student may be attending lectures, keeping up with the course reading and also have no distracting personal issues. However, such a student will still perform poorly on coursework if he or she does not understand or is confused between course concepts or concepts. Confusion or lack of understanding of the course concepts is also a significant reason for failure in an assignment.

You can avoid a fail by using an academic help service online. However, the reasons outlined above are the main cause of failure in an assignment. A close relationship with teachers is always a great way to start dealing with the problems experienced in accomplishing an assignment. For instance, a student who develops a close relationship with teachers is likely to catch up with the course reading and also likely to get clarification on the course concepts that were not well understood. Such a student is also likely to make up for lectures.


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case study

About a Case Study

A case study refers to an approach to research that centers on obtaining an in-depth understanding of a certain event or entity at a given time. Therefore, it is not characterized by the methods utilized in the collection or analysis of data, but rather it focuses on a certain unit of analysis. It is this unit that is referred o as the case. However, what forms a case is not laid out clearly.

Normally, case studies are bound in some discrete way by scrutinizing or studying a precise or specific set of events, organizations, departments, schools, or individuals. The nuisance of what makes a case good or what does not is often contested and from time to time subtle. For instance, the topic of a case study can be an individual, but not the means by which that particular individual engages in a certain practice. An example is a doctor. A doctor can be a case, but the practice of doctoring probably has no specificity or the boundedness to be considered a case.

case study

A case study is a mean of presenting data that has been gathered through various means that include, but not limited to observations, videotaping or recording, interviews as well as document collections. It is also a study that uses data that have been collected through a variety of means to enhance the theory generating capabilities of a case study and to offer validity of the assertions made by the researcher or by the individuals in the case.

Some people also refer to a case study as an account of an event or activity or a problem that have a real or a hypothetical situation and comprises complexities that could be encountered in real life or a workplace. Therefore, it is a study that helps one in visualizing how the real life complexities help in or influence the decision making.

Therefore, analyzing a case study required that an individual practices how to apply his or her knowledge and thinking to a real life scenario. To learn from a case study, an individual will be analyzing, putting knowledge into application, reasoning or thinking critically and drawing conclusions. Therefore, the main objective of a case study is to examine events, situations are individuals and document or draw conclusions from the analysis that has been made. It is particularly considered very useful when trying to test the theoretical models by utilizing them in a real world condition.


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Research paper

Research paper conclusion

A conclusion is the last main division of a write-up, usually summing up the points, and a statement of opinions and decisions reached. When writing a research paper, the conclusion is as important as the introduction. This is the last impression the reader receives after reading your essay and your arguments. It is the first last impression.

The conclusion in a research paper is the summary of your arguments. It reminds the reader of your stand in that particular discussion. This is where most people will clearly state their position with a punch. This has to come out very clearly, though.

Introducing new and different ways, of thinking about the research paper problem. This is not introducing new information; rather it offers insight and other creative approaches to framing the research solely based on your research paper topic.

Research paperRestating your thesis is rather important.  Your conclusion reminds the reader that you have proven your thesis over the course of your paper. The conclusion further acts as a bridge in reflecting the relationship you have developed with the reader during the research paper.

It is a call for action. It tells the reader what the reader wants them to do. The aim of a research paper is to make the reader think in a certain manner. The conclusion is where this is depicted. A reader will either be convinced or unconvinced depending on your conclusion. According to the University of North Carolina –Conclusions, a conclusion should be able to communicate to the reader by making them doubt their own beliefs or firmly grasp to their ideas.

According to literacy education online, a conclusion is merely the last part paragraph. It is one of the most working parts of the paper. This is justifiable by the fact that a conclusion pushes the reader to think about the consequences of your topic for the wider world or for the readers own life.

In conclusion, a conclusion is meant to make the reader understand why your research should even matter to them after they have completed reading the research paper. It should be more than a summary of the main topics covered or a repeat of the statement of the research problem. It should be an anchor for the key points and even, if possible, a recommendation for new areas of future research.  One paragraph is enough for a good conclusion though in some cases a two or three paragraph is advised.  


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Getting the best out of your coursework

A lot is expected of us in our coursework. We always expect much from ourselves as well. No one ever wants to fail. When doing our coursework, these are some of the factors to put into consideration so as to bring the best out of it.

The instructions form part of our coursework. Before you begin your work, it is important to understand all the set-out rules and regulations. Some of the rules mostly defined when doing the coursework include plagiarism. Readily available work is indeed very tempting for most of us. Still you need to make sure everything is within the coursework. You can get ideas on the internet but try as much as possible to put them in your words.

The teacher will not give you everything. They merely provide guidance. Do research and get as much relevant information as you can. Research places may include the library, the internet and even asking questions from experts in that particular field.

courseworkMost students have jumped from one topic to another. This is a waste of time. Choose your topic wisely before you start. You are advised to choose a topic that you are most comfortable in. Something you can handle in consideration to your environment and capabilities. Try as much as possible to be unique.

Planning is key to doing any coursework. Plan how long your coursework is going to take.  Last minute rushes mostly result in mistakes and stress. Be disciplined with your set time and carry out the tasks to completion. When you begin to write, find a place you can work effectively. Choose a quiet spot away from interruptions. Go to the library if you have to.

Some of the work may require illustrations. Subjects like science, geography, and even math. The use of supporting material and images will bring the best of your coursework. Use maps graphs and charts to illustrate. This also makes your work easier to understand. Use relevant scientific language to explain your ideas if need be.

Before submission always check your work. This is normally known as the final pre-submission check. Things to look out for include spelling mistakes, the number of pages, grammatical mistakes. It is, even more, advisable to give a friend to check the work for you before you can submit. Also, check the format of you works. Ensure that you have used the correct spacing, font and that your work is consistent throughout.

In conclusion, it is important to note how important your coursework is. Never compromise the quality of your work less you do not fear to fail. Do you?


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